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Can you describe your photography style?

My job as a photographer is to find the art and beauty in your real-life moments.  I make a point to learn about my clients to really tailor a shoot to their personality.  That way, I can capture the more interesting, unrehearsed moments that really describe your life.  I’ll work with you to find the best place possible to set your portrait story.  For lifestyle shoots, I also like to stick to the organic moments of our interactions, but if you have some specific ideas, I’m certainly all-ears!

I focus on using natural light for the majority of my portrait shoots – my favorite light is early morning, just after sunrise, or late afternoon – about two hours before the sun sets!  I find that the golden-y, natural glow I can capture at those hours just makes the scene sing – a photographer’s dream!

Help!  What do I wear for my portrait session?

Personally I’m a comfort-first kind of girl, but I can also appreciate super-glam – there is a time and place for all styles!  I will be happy to discuss with you any ideas you have about your shoot and look and I know we will come up with something awesome.  If you are one that just wants to show up at your shoot having been told exactly what to wear, I do provide my clients with an idea style sheet to help along the process specific to your shoot – engagement, family, senior portraits, etc!

How long does it take after a session to get my photographs back?

You will receive the final, high-resolution jpegs (digital equivalents of photographic negatives) of your portrait session three weeks after the shoot!

What are your portrait photography rates?

I do my best to work with my clients to build a photography experience they will love.  That said, I need to know more about you and your shoot — message me today and we’ll schedule a time to chat!  Further information regarding your investment can be found here.

How do I book you?

Please email me via the CONTACT form and we will get started booking your shoot date!