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Can you describe your photography style?

I have always had an inclination for photo-journalism, but I have fallen in love with a relatively new style called experiential photography.   Basically, I believe my job as a photographer is to find the art and beauty in your real-life moments in a creative, candid, and compelling way.

I make a point to learn about my clients to really tailor a shoot to their personality.  That way, I can capture the more interesting, unrehearsed moments that really describe your life.  For more specific details, visit FAQ Wedding or FAQ Portrait/Lifestyle.

How long does it take after a session to get my photographs back?

You will receive the final, high-resolution jpegs of your portrait session three weeks after the shoot; wedding photographs can be expected eight weeks after the day you tie the knot!

So where’s the company name from, anyway?

The month and date of my birthday!  The typical photography company simply bares the name of its owner, but that wasn’t as appealing to me.  I get my last name from my Puerto Rican grandfather.  People often have trouble pronouncing “Gutierrez”, mostly because not everyone can roll their “R”s!  (If you’re wondering, my last name goes like this:  “goo-TEE-air-es.)  The first time I saw 519 in print, it just clicked – so I went with it and couldn’t be happier.

What inspires your photography?

I’ve always loved the proverb, “We don’t remember days, we remember moments”.  Photography is fascinating in that when done right, a stand-alone photograph can capture the purest essence of a moment; a group of photographs can tell a beautiful story.

Also, I can’t say this enough – I’m inspired by the beautiful individuals, inside and out, that I have the privilege to share my life with.  Thank you to all of the wonderful people who have encouraged me to chase my dreams. With your love and support, I’ve got all I need!

How do I learn more/book a session with you?

Contact me TODAY and let’s get started!


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