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BE. | 519 Photography © Lauryn Gutierrez | 2015

Be. | Front Royal, VA | Summer 2015

“It isn’t enough to have had an interesting or hilarious or tragic life. Art isn’t anecdote. It’s the consciousness we bring to bear on our lives. For what happened in the story to transcend the limits of the personal, it must be driven by the engine of what the story means.”
Cheryl Strayed, Tiny Beautiful Things: Advice on Love and Life from Dear Sugar


How do we make a life count?  I’ve been weary for so long and often catch myself wondering when there will be more to life than the rat-race I’ve been living since I moved to DC.

What truly brings meaning to a day well spent – one with laughter, empowerment, warmth, light, emotion, and complete with tiredness down to the bone?

I recently went to a new friend’s birthday party, and he said something he’s learned the past year:  I realized, no matter what, I just need to keep putting myself out there.

Those words made me wonder where and who I’ve been these last six months.  I realized in that instant that I’ve been hiding behind my “busyness”.  So I’ve determined to change that.

The human experience is bound to be fraught with disappointments, rejections, and failures. But how else would we recognize a good thing if we didn’t have anything to compare it to?

Cheryl Strayed gently lays bare the savage truth that it’s up to us to hold up the magnifying glass to our actions and intentions.  How do you spend your time, truly?

Examine your story.  After all, it’s your life.  You should own it.  You create the meaning.

So what are you going to create next?

  • Martha - I put myself out there in April. I examined my story. That was when I knew I needed to challenge myself and live or stay safe. I moved to New York City at age 63 and indeed, every day, I put myself out there. Some days are awesome, some are merely amazing!ReplyCancel